Borusumi Fans Happy, Sumire is on Cover Manga Boruto Chapter 56

Sumire kakei in Cover Manga Boruto Chapter 56
Sumire kakei in Cover Manga Boruto Chapter 56

JAKARTA, English – After Sumire stated that she joined Doctor Katasuke and left team of 15 which was joined by Wasabi and Namida, we thought that Sumire would not appear again in Boruto Manga series and even nothing special. But our guess was wrong, because Sumire is a special Kunoichi figure and in fact Masashi Kishimoto also made Sumire cover in Chapter 56.

How could she not, because she decided to join Katasuke to become a medical ninja who can help many people, and can control Nue.

So that in future, Sumire can also participate and will return to Konoha as a Shinobi.

This is what makes Borusumi fans happy and it seems like there is a breath of fresh air that Sumire is going to Canon with Boruto to get married. So, does Sumire Kakei deserve to be Boruto Uzumaki partner?

The two characters in Boruto Manga are often matched by fans, especially Borusumi fans, then do they match and deserve both?

This returns to manga creator, Masahi Kishimoto, what Boruto future will be like, including his future partner.

It is known that these two characters are compatible and it is okay if creator will match him up, and that is not right reason to say inappropriate because Sumire father is a criminal.

The reason is that evil one is his father, while Sumire is only a tool of revenge by implanting a curse seal on his back.

Meanwhile, Sumire heart actually rebelled and was reluctant to do this, but because she was young, she could not contain her emotions.

Luckily there is Boruto who managed to reduce situation and destroy curse seal that was behind his back.

Then Mrs. Sumire is also not evil, but gentle and also has hope that her daughter can become someone who can overcome life problems and can live it in a different place full of peace, because her mother says that way of life is like it will end in her mother generation, not her child generation, and pray for Sumire to have a happy life. That what Mrs. Sumire expected.

Sumire is like Hinata before, she sometimes wants to go wrong way but thanks to Naruto finally she realized.

Because of that Hinata also has a feeling that over time grows into love. Then it is not much different from Sumire who is misguided and returns to right path thanks to Boruto who eventually grows into feelings of love.

Even though Sumire was not born from an honorable clan like Hinata who came from Hyuga clan, what her mother said was that her daughter could live in another place and be happy, apparently nothing was wrong. It is possible that Sumire will be happy one day and it is not impossible to side with Boruto.

Why did Sumire suddenly express interest in Boruto even though she didn’t really do anything?

It seems that Sumire departure from Team 15 to join Katasuke is because there are plans in future to be able to help many people.

In addition, with scientific ninja science tools one day she can also contribute to many people including being able to control Nue.

Not only that, it seems that Sumire will also return to join Team 15 and become a Konoha Kunoichi and are allegedly also going to help Boruto.

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