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Read Full Release of Boruto Manga Chapter 56

Sumire kakei in Cover Manga Boruto Chapter 56
Sumire kakei in Cover Manga Boruto Chapter 56

JAKARTA, Cilacap.info English – Boruto Chapter 56 has been released today, Thursday (18/03/2021) at 22:00 WIB / Asia / Jakarta, Here are complete results (full) of Boruto CH Manga. 56 of Mangaplus which you can read at Cilacap.info.

This chapter opens with a view of Hokage Monument. Boruto sits with an interviewer for a television show. She repeatedly reminded Boruto not to be too humble about himself. After all, it was due to Boruto intelligence that village had minimum damage. He saved village once again.

Boruto nervously tries to deny it, and replies that it not like that: In fact, he almost fainted… Then, interviewer asked Boruto about amazing jutsu that helped take down notorious Ōtsutsuki, there were plenty of witnesses who could prove his ibutions as well. Boruto became a little uncomfortable with interviewer question line. He had a bit of an internal monologue, secretly hoping this was over soon.

The scene shifts to medical room: Sumire, Amado, and Katasuke gathered around Kawaki bed. Amado who was smoking while checking Kawaki new right arm, which he thought there should be no problem with it.

Amado asked about how Kawaki was feeling (physically) lately. What on his mind for past week? Kawaki looked at his new right hand and simply replied, “Nothing in particular.”

He also noted that his hands appeared to be in same condition as before. Katasuke adjusted his glasses to get a better look at Kawaki hand, and said that he was surprised that he didn’t expect his arm to recover to such a state so quickly. Moreover, there was no sign of Kawaki body rejecting him.

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