Google Doodle Celebrates Mother Day December 22, 2020

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cilacap info featured

JAKARTA, CILACAP.INFO – Mother Day December 22, 2020, giant Google search engine featuring Logo Doodles Mother Day, Animation and Games.

Seen above world number one search engine, Google is celebrating by displaying an image in .gif format on its search engine.

Not only that, when image is clicked, user will be directed to see animations and games.

Games that are seen are a kind of writing a letter to say Mother Day which can then be shared on social media platforms (medsos).

Historically, Mother Day began in United States which was celebrated for first time in 1908.

The celebration began with a woman named Anna Jarvis who made a memorial moment and remembers her mother death in Grafton, West Virginia.

The steps to establish Mother Day are quite long, because in 1908, United States with Congress that was so against Mother Day proposal to be declared a national holiday.

However, Mother Day was only designated as a national holiday in United States in 1911. In 1914, Woodrow Wilson also declared Mother Day a national holiday by signing declaration.

In Indonesia, Mother Day is also celebrated annually on December 22nd. As for official, President Soekarno.

It is also based on Decree of President of Republic of Indonesia No. 316 of 1959 dated 16 December 1959, on 25th anniversary of 1928 Indonesian Women Congress.

The date was chosen to celebrate spirit of Indonesian women and to raise awareness of nation and state. Now, meaning of Mother Day has changed a lot, where day is now commemorated by expressing love for mothers.

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