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Ahead of Eid Al-Fitr, Food Supply and Prices are Stable

before eid al fitr food supply and price stable
before eid al fitr food supply and price stable

BOGOR, Cilacap.info English – The Food Security Agency (BKP) of Ministry of Agriculture continues to monitor developments in prices and strategic food supply at both producer and consumer levels.

This serves as an early warning for food problems so that anticipatory steps can be properly implemented in maintaining stability of food supply and prices.

The Head of BKP Food Distribution and Reserve Center, Risfaheri, ensured that supply of basic necessities for facing fasting month and ahead of Lebaran 2021 was in a safe condition and stable prices.

“Prices and supply of strategic staple foods are relatively safe. It can be seen in two traditional markets in Bogor, to be precise in Suryakencana and Kebun Kembang” said Risfaheri while monitoring prices and strategic food supply, Saturday (01/05/2021).

He added, not only visiting 2 markets, BKP also monitors prices and food supply directly in various markets in Greater Jakarta area, namely Tanah Tinggi Tangerang Main Market, South Tangerang Ciputat Market, Depok Jaya Market, Cibitung Main Market, Kranggan Market and Kranji Market. Bekasi.

“Market conditions in city of Bogor look busy, indicating that economic and social economic movements are quite good in midst of pandemic, as well as in other markets,” he said.

From results of monitoring, it was found that food supply was in sufficient condition and prices tended to be stable. The price of medium rice ranges from Rp. 8,100 – 10,500 / kg (HET Rp. 9,450 / kg) while premium rice is in range of Rp. 11,500 – 14,000 / kg (HET IDR 12,800 / kg) with a stock range of 5-7 tons / retailer. Sugar prices in market range from IDR 12,500 – 14,000 / kg (HAP IDR 12,500 / kg) and cooking oil there is a slight increase in range of IDR 13,000 – 15,000 / kg (HAP IDR 11,000 / lt; IDR 11,790 / kg) with a stock range of 100-150 liters / retailer.

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