Curant Penganten Waterfall Tourism in Karangpucung Cilacap

Thursday, 09 Apr 2020 08:39:04 WIBby

CILACAP – Curpantung Waterfall Waterfall Tourism in Cilacap Regency, Central Java, one of the hidden tourist destinations in the West Cilacap region.

Looking at this Karangpucung Pangenten Waterfall tour seems cool, besides it is located in the mountains which feels cool.

The location of the Karangpucung Cilacap Panganten waterfall is located in Cipicung Hamlet, Bengbulang Village, Karangpucung District, Cilacap Regency.

This trip to Curant Panganten can be passed from the national road (Banyumas – Cilacap – Banjar City (Pataruman), precisely through Cijoho, Tayem Karangpucung Village.

If accessed through the southern crossing of the national road from the direction of Cijoho, Tayem Village, it is estimated that it will take approximately 7.5 Kilometers.

Viewing this Waterfall Tourism, there will be many green trees, such as pine trees

When going down the waterfall will also be seen that there is a gate made of wood that reads “Welcome to Nature Tourism Curug Waterfall”.

When Down this Tour, you will also be treated to a view like in the Sidareja Forest Forest. Namely umbrellas that are tied above the head when going down the hill going to the waterfall waterfall.

Nature Tourism in the form of waterfalls or hidden waterfalls in the Cilacap region, especially in the western part of Cilacap very much. Starting from Dayeuhluhur, Wanareja, Majenang, Cimanggu, Karangpucung, Cipari there are also waterfalls or waterfalls.

Waterfall can be used for an excursion with family or relatifes in addition to tours to the beach. (Ayu)