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Spoiler Boruto Episode 197, Release Schedule

Episode 187 The First Time Boruto Used Karma
Episode 187 The First Time Boruto Used Karma

Cilacap.info English – Boruto Episode 197 anime leaks which will be released on Sunday, May 02, 2021, namely Kawaki and Boruto sparring practice. But after sparring, Delta came.

Inner Kara members, namely Delta, did not want to be left behind by Kashin Koji, she then broke into Konoha even though sensory unit detected it.

Ino Yamanaka, which is a clan that censors everyone from Konoha or foreigners, then informs Konoha.

Not only that, Ino also knew that someone who broke through Konoha was heading towards Naruto.

It is known, Naruto was watching training between Kawaki vs Boruto, where Kawaki taught him how to use Karma.

After training Delta came and wanted to take Kawaki, but Naruto prevented him and would confront him.

Naruto told Boruto to stay away and asked him to look after Himawari, fight between Naruto and Delta began.

Boruto thought that battle was won by Delta, but Kawaki said that fight was clearly Hokage who won it.

Because Naruto fought Delta while keeping his son from being attacked.

Likewise Naruto, he must be careful when issuing a jutsu that can destroy his surroundings because it is feared that his son will hit him.

Ordered not to interfere, Boruto suddenly issues a jutsu which makes Delta angry.

Delta then thinks and plans something, namely trying to play around by injuring Boruto or Himawari.

It turned out that Delta swung Himawari up and was about to kill her, but her attack failed because Kawaki was protecting seventh Hokage daughter.

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