Masigit Sela Cave, Historical Place in Kampung Laut Cilacap

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cilacap info featured English – In sub-district of Kampung Laut, Cilacap Regency, Central Java it turns out there is a place that is sacred, namely Goa Masigit Sela. It is said that this cave was used to draw closer to God Almighty.

This is reinforced by its name, Masigit Sela, which means Mosque in Cave. And exact location of this cave is in Mangunjaya Hamlet, Ujung Alang Village, Kampung Laut District, Cilacap.

It is known, Kampung laut itself is a district that is indeed close to island of nusakambangan and famous for its Segara Anakan Lagoon, and Mangrove.

Masigit Sela Cave turned out to be a religious tourism. Even though there are still many Cilacap people who don’t know about it, but many of their pilgrims are from outside area, from Ciamis, Pangandaran, West Java for example.

Especially if clientele, as on Tuesday and Friday kliwon pilgrims quite a lot other than that also in month of suro.

They are even willing to stay for days just to get what he wants.

Various rituals, such as incense or incense also exist in cave.

But there are also those who come on pilgrimage only for a blessing, namely by praying, dhikr and chanting verses of Qur’an.

This cave is also an attraction for tourists because it has beautiful stalactites and stalactites.

That said, this cave was visited by many Indonesian artists, besides that it was also visited by President Soekarno.

As usual, for access to this Masigit Cave, which starts from harbor or Cilacap sleko dock.

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