Sri Mulyani: Information Technology Infrastructure Investment was very important in Covid-19 period

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cilacap info featured

JAKARTA, CILACAP.INFO – Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati stressed importance of investing in infrastructure that focuses on field of Information Technology (IT) and digital in COVID-19 pandemic.

That was said by Sri Mulyani in a virtual discussion with theme Rebirthing Global Economy to Deliver Sustainable Development with UN Secretary General.

“Investing in IT and digital infrastructure will be very important from now and in future,” Sri Mulyani said in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Sri Mulyani said that role of digital infrastructure was very important during COVID-19 pandemic because almost all community activities now switched through virtualization.

He gave an example that now Work From Home (WFH) or working from home and learning from home has become a normal activity because COVID-19 pandemic requires people to stay at home.

“You can replace these activities on a virtual basis. We were forced by situation and it turned out it was working. So I think role of digital infrastructure is very important.” She said.

Sri Mulyani told me that she had worked from home for almost four months due to COVID-19 pandemic and it turned out that Ministry of Finance performance was still going well.

Not only that, his party was also able to design a good policy to respond to this emergency situation by submitting two budget revisions to parliament virtually.

“I have been working from home for more than four months and Ministry of Finance is still performing well. We are still discussing with parliament even virtually.” Said Sri Mulyani.

Therefore, he stressed that from now on development in IT and digital fields became very important because it would be useful for future.

“This has changed dramatically. What we didn’t see and planned beforehand. But what is important is that a country must have digital infrastructure.” Sri Mulyani said.

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