Tempe Dages, Culinary Origin of Banyumasan Indonesia

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Cilacap.info English – Being trending tempe on malaysian twitter which is a food that comes from Banyumas Central Java Indonesia.

Get to know a food called tempe made from fermented soybeans. Do Malaysians know that in Indonesia such as in Cilacap, Banyumas there are Tempe Dages?.

Tempe from soybeans that are dyed using flour in Indonesia, especially cilacap, is called mendoan. And maybe this food is familiar to community, not even people who come from Banyumas residency, but all of Indonesia and world knows it.

Even tempe mendoan is also known in foreign countries until it is claimed by Japan with a patent.

Speaking of mendoan, there is actually a special culinary with same ingredients (made from soy), namely dages.

The difference is with tempeh mendoan, that is when soybeans are fermented and given yeast, while dages are made from soybean dregs produced from tofu making.

So tofu waste or tofu waste can still be processed into food such as dages and can also be pared.

Dages are made in same way as making tempeh, which is fermented so that soybean is moldy.

As for how to wrap dages there are usually using banana leaves which are then coated with newspaper.

Dages texture is softer because it is made from tofu waste dregs, and if fermentation process has been carried out, color will turn black but some are white.

Dages can be used as a vegetable and also fried like tempeh mendoan.

So, fried dages can be covered with flour and fried in a frying pan with cooking oil.

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