Police and Army Distributes 1500 Duz Food to residents in Majenang Cilacap

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cilacap info featured

Cilacap.info – A total of 1500 Duz of Fast Food cooked by Forkopimda Cilacap Field Kitchen was distributed to residents affected by Covid-19. Having previously been carried out against residents of Tambakreja Village Cilacap, this time targeting residents of Jenang Village, Sindangsari Village and Mulyasari Village, Majenang District, Friday (1/5/20).

The Majenang District area itself is an area with a red zone status where some of its citizens are exposed to Covid-19. With distribution of these ready meals, it is expected to be able to meet food needs of residents with ODP status. This field kitchen activity will continuously target several areas affected by Covid-19 in Cilacap Regency.

That was as explained by Dansatgas Task Force for Covid-19 Kodim 0703 / Cilacap Major Inf. Ahmad Rofik Alfian who explained that this field kitchen activity would be regularly conducted to meet food needs of residents with ODP status.

“The TNI-Polri and Pemda synergy field kitchen is mobile every week, moving continuously from one sub-district to another and today, Alhamdulillah, we have distributed 1,500 duz of food that we share with citizens who are carrying out isolation independenly. We go to them directly from house to house so they don’t go anywhere. ” He explained.

The Task Force Dansatgas who also served as Kasdim at Kodim 0703 / Cilacap also appealed to public to remain calm and always follow government recommendations by staying silent at home.

“Stay calm and obey government recommendations including social distancing and physical distancing activities and also use masks and diligent hand washing.” He said.

In line with what Kasdim said, Cilacap Regent Tatto Suwarto Pamuji who immediately inspected field kitchen appreciated cohesiveness of elements of Indonesian National Police and local government who had initiated founding of field kitchen so that social service activities could continue. With this activity Regent is convinced, Cilacap residents can still eat and be healthy.

“This extraordinary social service was initiated by Mr. Dandim, Kapolres and Danlanal so that we can do this activity. Today why in Majenang, because here it belongs to red zone. Many are affected by ODP, PDP so we prepare food prepared by members of TNI., Police, Regional Government assisted by Persit, PKK, Bhayangkari and Jalasenatri. ” Said Regent.

According to him, this activity is also a form of mutual assistance in fight against Covid-19 to combat Covid-19. “This togetherness is in form of mutual cooperation, how we in fight against Covid-19 can win, namely our concern with Forkopimda for community. Yesterday in Cilacap and now in Majenang and then to other places, we will not remain silent.” Strictly speaking

The Regent also asked Sub-District Heads to act on their citizens who were found not to be wearing masks because he hoped that Covid-19 issue could be resolved. To residents who had returned home from overseas, Regent also stressed that they must quarantine and check themselves.

“We have prepared a quarantine place. For that I ask to obey. Rest assured, with Covid-19 discipline this will be finished and if there are problems with Covid problem, report it to Covid Task Force because of this problem, we take it seriously.” He said. ( Urip Pendim )

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