Cimandaway Waterfall Tour in Dayeuhluhur Cilacap

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cilacap info featured English – Cimandaway Waterfall, a waterfall tour located in Serang hamlet, Datar Village, Dayeuhluhur District, Cilacap Regency, Central Java.

The highest waterfall in Cilacap Regency is already very famous, not a few people go on vacation to Cimandaway waterfall tour.

Not only local people who visited Cimandaway waterfall from Cilacap, but people from outside also often visited waterfall tour in Dayeuhluhur District.

The location of Dayeuhluhur, which is located at far end of kulon or westernmost of Cilacap, is not surprising, if there are visitors coming from Banjar and Ciamis City, West Java.

Cimandaway Waterfall is estimated to have a waterfall height of +/- 100 meters.

Compared to other waterfalls in Cilacap, this Cimandaway waterfall is highest.

Water that flows from Cimandaway waterfall flows through 2 (two) rivers (Cikawalon River and Cidayeuh River).

There is something unique about this waterfall, which has a different river name. Ie above Cimandaway waterfall, river is named Singaraja.

But water that falls from above and falls has a different river name, Cikawalon.

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