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cilacap info featured English – Get to know Karangbanar Tourism Village in Jetis, Nusawungu District, Cilacap Regency, Central Java.

This karang banar tourism village offers marine tourism and also agrotourism, culinary, and local arts.

Among local arts found in Karangbanar Village, Jetis, Nusawungu, there are Ebeg (Kuda Lumping), Wayang Kulit and Lengger, Merdi Bumi.

In addition, people of Karangbanar Village are also like people on coast of Sodong Adipala or Kampung Laut and around Bay of Sea Turtles.

Where is Karangbanar Village Community every year which coincides with month of Shuro. Namely also holding a procession of traditional traditions by holding a customary procession of sea larvae (sedakah Bumi).

Karangbanar Tourism Village also offers beauty of mangrove forest tourism named Pulau Momongan. Tour momongan island, which region is close to Kebumen district.

Besides Momongan Island, there are several potentials in Karangbanar Tourism Village. including Cemara Sewu Beach, Bungso Beach, Semangka Plantation, Home Industry in form of Tengiri Crackers.

Other handicrafts namely Shellfish Crafts, Sea Alms Attraction, Banyumasan Lengger Art, Outbound, and Fish Auction Place.

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