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KEBUMEN, English – There is a turtle conservation location on south coast in Jogosimo Village, Klirong, Kebumen Regency, Central Java. That too has now become a tourist attraction that can be considered new in area.

Coordinator of Elephant Mountain Tourism Awareness Group, Jogosimo Village, Klirong District, Kastam (49), in Kebumen, in October 2019, quoted, said. This turtle conservation site began operating in 2018.

He said that background of residents made this conservation, because previously there were many turtle eggs circulating in market. Sometimes people also cut turtles for consumption.

“So we have thoughts to preserve this endangered animal. Moreover, sea turtles are one of ancient animals that are still alive today and can reach 200 years old.” he said.

He explained that this coastal community did not try to preserve it, who else would care. He also mentioned that sea turtles in area were a type of crack.

According to him recently a number of PAUD / TK children groups visited conservation site. Namely to see small turtles that are kept in a pond before being released on beach.

He delivered in this conservation. That people who are members of Gajah Gunung Tourism Awareness Group with 40 members, take turns conducting night patrols. This is done to look for turtle eggs on beach, because turtles lay eggs at night.

“As soon as we find out there are sea turtles laying eggs on beach, then to protect from theft and predators, when we hatch our eggs move. The removal is to be hatched at a conservation site.” he said.

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