Anime Episode 219, Sumire Growing Love Feelings for Boruto

Sumire is very worried about Boruto
Sumire is very worried about Boruto English – Since release of Anime Boruto Episode 218 last Sunday, we have not made theories or spoilers for episode 219 because we doubt whether anime will match plot in manga or not.

It turns out that after watching Boruto episode 219, it is true that there are indeed a few scene s in manga that are shown in Anime.

However, in this episode there is a moment that makes us quite happy, maybe even Ship or Borusumi Ship, where in this show Sumire Kakei is very worried about Boruto and keeps thinking about it.

Because at there are several articles about theory that Sumire likes Boruto based on data we collected from Boruto manga, so we assume that Boruto and Sumire will get married in future.

However, in Anime, scene like in Chapter 19 where Sumire expresses her love for Boruto to Sarada is actually omitted by Studio Pierrot.

After that moment, we also wrote about Sumire blushing when Kawaki asked if Sumire loved Boruto, which was in Chapter 56.

We thought scene above might take another 5-10 episodes, it not even in Chapter 56, maybe next week there will be a scene of Sumire Ngeblush when Kawaki finds out that Sumire loves Boruto.

Either there will be this moment or it will be eliminated by Studio Pierrot in Chapter or chapter 56, but Sumire feelings for Boruto were finally confirmed in Episode 219 which aired Sunday, October 10, 2021 this afternoon even though it wasn’t in manga.

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