Unique Facts of American Rocky Mountains Goat

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CILACAP.INFO – Goats in Java are called Embe, Wedus, and various kinds, there are goat arrowroot, trash, and even recently there is name etawa which can produce milk.

Speaking of goats, it turns out there are types of grass-eating animals whose hobbies are climbing, but not pasos, because this animal likes rock climbing. The latini name is Oreamnos Americanus. If you see an American word, it looks like this one goat is in American plains there.

The English name is pretty cool, namely Rocky Mountain Goat because of its hudip in Rocky mountains. In Indonesia it doesn’t seem to exist, even though name is called “Goat Mountain”. Walah not in mountains that many keep goats, but this is different and unique, here are facts about these Rocky Goats:

1. Goat but not Not a Goat

It was found on several pages, one of them on wikipedia.org, that this one animal even though in terms of fur and physical form such as goats, but not goats. The Rocky Goats are apparently still similar to deer alias deer as well as deer.

2. White and Thick Fur

Have thick fur and white color, if you see a Shaun Sheep cartoon too. But there is a unique fact why fur is thick and pure white.

Investigate a calibaration, it turns out Rocky Goats lives in snowy territory. So thickness of fur is like a jacket that can warm body.

Apart from that, color of white fur is also as a protector of Rocky Goats from threat of wild animals. Because color of white fur is like color of snow, so it can be camouflage.

3. Long and strong nails

All rich goats have nails, but this Rocky Mountain Goats is different from most goats. Because with its long nails, this animal can make rocky rock climbing to grip strong rocks. Even though what he was riding on could be said of a cliff whose slope is almost perpendicular.

4. Look for Food Above Mountain

Mountains in Indonesia may be a paradise for grass-eating animals, because many plants that live in wild in Indonesia, not even just in mountains.

But it is different with animals that exist in this American continent, article for food must be rock climbing first. And it turns out that food is grass and moss.

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