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Boruto: Code, Eida and Daemon will Attack Konoha

code eida and daemon
code eida and daemon

Cilacap.info English – (26/02/2022), Code plans to invade Konoha after failing to bring Kawaki to Eida.

Code goal to Konoha later is to find Amado so he can release limiter so Code can fully use his power.

It is known, even though Code has Isshiki white karma, he still cannot use Isshiki’s full power.

Code actually without Isshiki karma he has been modified by Amado so that he is quite strong, but unfortunately that power is still not perfect because there is a limit.

Even Eida, she also wants Amado to let go of boundaries so that everyone can fall in love with him even if it is Otsutsuki or his vessel.

In Code invasion later, even though they are only 3 people, they are dangerous, where Eida can make her opponent feel hypnotized.

If it has been hit by Eida charm, then that person can be easily controlled to attack Konoha back.

Not only that, Eida who has Doujutsu Senrigan can also help Code, so that he can avoid attacks or opponent movements faster.

That’s because Eida Senrigan ability is able to know what will happen in future.

Meanwhile, Eida’s younger brother, Daemon, has a very dangerous power of reflection, so if someone launches an attack, attack will turn on attacker.

It was clear that these three people would be very troublesome for Konoha, and they were allegedly ones who would completely destroy Konoha with many lives lost.

Possibly who will become heroes during Code, Eida and Daemon invasion later, namely Boruto and Kawaki.

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