The Next Hoaxes Cyber Army Moeslim, from Site and Social Media Playing Victims and Propaganda

cilacap info featured
cilacap info featured

CILACAP.INFO – Many media claim to be mujahid and defenders of Islam, they use a lot of websites, social media and other channels such as YouTube and others.

The name or account they use is also enough to be liked by readers.

Even website as a presentation of content of article, name also has words Islam, and Facts, as if that is purpose, namely to preach facts and news of Islam, but contents are only propaganda, blasphemy and revile.

While content such as Du’a Du’a, history of Islam does not exist, but politics, and even then only Monoton, only one political party they like.

For example, an Islamic media, labeled or bears Islamic cash domain name, but spread hoaxes.

They spread hoaxes and their movements are quite massive on internet. Even those who believe and admire him are not few.

Like last year, in Cilacap by a website called Islam it was also rumored that there was a Chinese person named Indonesia namely Karsono.

The content was viral, and it turns out it was hoaxes, aka lies.

They like to play Victim when they are wrong, even they are busy defending even if wrong.

Indonesian police last year managed to arrest someone who named his media account with a cyber army.

That is because of propaganda, blasphemy and cause unrest and is also widely trusted by many people.

On average they do not dare to show important menus on their website such as telephone numbers and or mail and author.

Of course they are not brave, but they claim to be brave.

Javanese people say that if you dare don’t be afraid if you are afraid don’t be pretentious, you dare

Alhamdulillah, these are Muslims who live in Java, with a variety of ethnicities and cultures and languages.

Indonesian Islam is not a false Islam, but a mercy Islam, role model of Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah and his Lord is Allah SWT.

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