Commemorating Children Day in Indonesia, Puspayoga Said Protect Children from Covid-19 and violence

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“Amid ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we must be concerned about increasing number of incidents of violence against children,” he stated.

The senior politician of Golkar Party called for serious response to prevent violence against children and teenagers.

“Providing sufficient knowledge about protection for our children must be instilled in families, schools, and society around us,” he affirmed.

Furthermore, Commission for Protection of Indonesian Children (KPAI) stated that number of child abuse cases had reached 2,178 in 2011 and continued to increase to 4,885 cases in 2018.

Furthermore, data of Online Information System for Protection of Women and Children (SIMFONI PPA) showed a total of 3,928 cases of violence against children from January 1 to June 17, 2020, which included 852 cases of physical violence, 768 cases of psychological abuse, and 1,848 cases of sexual violence.

Most importantly, news surfaced in June 2020 of Jakarta Metro Police Criminal Investigation Unit having arrested Francois Abello Camille (FAC), alias Frans, 65, at a hotel room in Jakarta where two underage girls were kept.

The French citizen had allegedly molested at least 305 minors. He, however, later died in a police hospital after attempting suicide in Jakarta Police detention.

Although pedophile criminal died, police must continue investigations to catch those involved in supplying minors to predator.

Minister Bintang Darmawati Puspayoga had earlier confirmed that children were subject to forms of violence, including sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. However, almost 55 percent pertained to sexual violence, she noted.

While drawing reference to prevailing data and facts, minister expressed concern and called on one and all to give serious attention to children and their problems.

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