Signs of Boruto Marrying Sumire Kakei in the Future

Wednesday, 07 Apr 2021 11:52:15 WIBby

CILACAP.INFO – If you look closely, Boruto Manga Anime is almost the same as the Naruto story but made a little different.

This Boruto anime is like telling the story of Naruto, for example the harsh hyuuga clan, where the clan also married off their children to the same clan.

However, because it was Naruto they became aware and changed their perspective, especially Hinata who was born from the main family of the hyuuga clan who loved Naruto and then married Naruto.

Whereas in the Boruto series, Sumire Kakei’s character is exactly like Hinata, which is shy. But behind his attitude like that, she has a seal of curse and will change her grudge.

But just then Mitsuki and Boruto arrived and she was awakened by Boruto when she went on a rampage and confined an animal called the giant Nue.

Sumire’s curse seal is the most suitable deed, namely Tanuki Shigaraki. Where she was given a seal on his back to take revenge.

But it was successfully thwarted by Boruto through his Jougan’s eyes which then disappeared the curse seal on Sumire’s body.

Sumire Kakei when a ninja academy named Magire from another class confesses his love for Sumire, she rejects it.

At that time, Even Sumire was behind Boruto holding Boruto’s shoulder when Magire expressed her feelings.

Meanwhile, after the events, Sumire blushed even more when she met Boruto.

When all the classmates are fishing for eternal goldfish, Sumire thanks Boruto which makes Sarada think there is something hidden between the two of them.