Contents of Last Day of Ramadan with Hatamsn Qur’an

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PURBALINGGA, CILACAP.INFO – Children who take part in Khataman Qur’an competition must be able to interpret contents contained in it. So that they can make them as seeds of future generations of Quran.

This was said by Hj Nurul Hidayah SH MSi, Chairperson of Purbalingga Regency PPP DPC, at Taklim Assembly Nujumul Huda, Dawuhan village, Padamara District, Purbalingga Regency. “Khataman Al-Quran activities are expected to give birth to Quranic generation,” added Hj Nurul, Tuesday (5/19).

He revealed, Quranic generation is expected to be able to obey commands of Allah SWT and maintain sunnah according to guidance of Prophet Muhammad. So that makes area occupied by citizens become more peaceful and peaceful.

“Our hope is that our children obey commands of Allah and always maintain sunnah according to guidance of Prophet to make this village peaceful, peaceful and full of grace,” she hoped.

On that occasion, Hj Nurul invited that on last days of Ramadan to perform tadarus, Qur’anic Khataman welcomed arrival of Laylat al-Qadar. In event, Hj Nurul also provided food aid and food assistance to local residents. (***) aj

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