WordPress Will Kick Out User, If Use this Platform to Promotion any Hosting, Template, and Plugins

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Cilacap.info English – WordPress Will Kick Out User, If Use this Platform to Promotion any Hosting, Template, and Plugins. First time initially we looked at article in Search Engine Journal, about prohibition of external links for commercial blogs. It means blogs that offer products such as selling Plugins, Themes etc. and directing External Links.

Found on wordpress.org page, a woman named Milana Cap who on profile is Contributions, said that would stop any commercial blog.

During discussion about external link policy, we came to conclusion that we would not allow, at least at beginning and for now, any commercial blogs. So before you start arguing that some of popular plugin blogs have valuable information, let me stop you there.

Write a Milana Cap starting article published today, Tuesday (7/7).

He even firmly banned all commercial blogs despite his popular service. The ban was for fear of being abused, while wordpress tried to protect documentation.

“Allowing” popular blog plugins / themes / services etc. “and all other commercial blogs to put us in a position to protect documentation from being misused as a marketing medium, to protect ourselves from allegations of bias and to defend every decision we make throughout way. still, there will be dissatisfied parties claiming that we are unjust and they are wrong. The idea of ​​allowing external links will be its own goal. ”

In addition, this will completely shift focus from original idea which is:

Benefits for documentation users .

If this process has to spend too much time for Documentation Team to weigh, decide, and defend decisions taken, then there is no time for actual contributions and no benefits for anyone.

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