Why, Adsense Auto Ads Not Working on Single Post?

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Cilacap.info English – Hi dear, What do you have Problem adsense auto ads on your website and in single post, read this articles. We hope this article can help resolve problems with your website WordPress.

Don’t forget to read this article enjoy by drinking coffee, and hopefully you understand. I know that articles about this are very rare, so we made it.

Placing Auto Ads on a Blog or Website is required. Because it saves file size, not a lot of adsense code has to be placed one at a time. Ok, Next Reading.

1. Automatic adsense ads that don’t appear on your website, could be lacking Javascript code, or you forgot to clear cache that was compiled using cache.

2. You did not fill out or create an Ads.txt file

If both of above have already been applied then it still doesn’t appear on a single post page, like in every paragraph, or in middle of an article about automatic, there needs to be something wrong from domain side.

If you use www on wordpress, please use switch http: / including https: / non www to https: / www. Why is that? Because so everything can work.

Of several cases that I often encounter, there are domains that are only directed to homepage. As for wanting www or not deleting it will automatically redirect in DNS even Cname is always www. Not yet directed at one post.

For example I have an article with url https://www.cilacap.info/privacy-policy but compilation is accessed by asking https://www.cilacap.info/privacy-policy if it not directed to that page. But instead of redirecting back to homepage, this can also cause why Automatic Ads don’t appear in one post.

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