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cilacap info featured
cilacap info featured

JAKARTA, CILACAP.INFO – Starting on July 10, KAI added three Long Distance Trains to serve public from and to DKI Jakarta and various other routes. The three trains are Argo Parahyangan train (Gambir-Bandung pp), Bima (Gambir-Malang pp), and Sembrani (Gambir-Surabaya PasarTuri pp).

“KAI is adding Luxury, Executive, Economy Commercial Long Distance Railway services to meet public transportation needs while continuing to implement strict new normal health protocols,” said KAI Commerce Director Maqin U Norhadi.

Argo Parahyangan Train Schedule for Gambir Station departure is available at 07.10, 17.45 and 18.45. While Argo Parahyangan train departure from Bandung Station is available at 04.55, 06.45, and 11:10! Bima Train (71) departs from Malang Station at 14.25 and arrives at Gambir at 05.40! Bima Train (72) departs from Gambir Station at 16:40 and arrives in Malang at 08.27! Sembrani Train (81) departs from Pasar Turi Station at 17.30 and arrives at Gambir at 04.00! Sembrani Train (82) departs from Gambir Station at 19.00 and arrives at Surabaya Pasar Turi at 05.15.

In initial stages, three trains will only be operational on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That is because interest of community to travel by long distance trains is higher on weekends. The train journey will continue to be evaluated for its operation, adjusting to developments in field.

To see scheduled departures from intermediate stations, public can access KAI Access application. Tickets can be ordered through KAI Access, KAI web, and all KAI official sales channels starting at 7 days of departure. KAI urges people to place an order at KAI Access to get extra facilities such as e-boarding pass, online reduction, online rescheduling, and online cancellation features.

All trains that operate are fixed and do not experience an increase, whereas for Commercial trains rates are in accordance with specified Lower Limit and Upper Limit tariff ranges.

KAI also added Luxury Train to Sembrani and Argo Parahyangan train series, having previously been linked to Turangga Train (Gambir-Surabaya Gubeng pp) to provide extra comfort to train customers during trip.

To prevent spread of Covid-19, KAI applies a variety of strict health protocols and must be obeyed by all customers.

In accordance with DJKA SE No. 14 of 2020, capacity of train is still set to maximum limit that can be sold to create physical distancing during trip. Long Distance Railway customers are required to wear face shield provided by KAI while on their way to leave destination station area. For passengers under age of 3 years to provide their own personal face shield.

Long-distance Railway customers are also required to complete requirements in accordance with Covid-19 Task Force Circular Letter No. 9 of 2020. The files must be presented to officer when boarding.

The provisions are:

– Show a PCR test certificate with a negative result or a Rapid-Test test certificate with non-reactive results that are valid 14 days from time of issuance at time of departure
– Show a symptom-free certificate such as influenza (influenza-like illness) issued by hospital doctors / puskesmas for areas that do not have PCR test facilities and / or Rapid Tests.
– Download and activate Care Protect application on mobile devices.

In addition, specifically for customers who will be traveling to and from Province of DKI Jakarta, they are required to have an Exit Permit (SIKM) for DKI Jakarta.

In general, every Long Distance Railway customer is required to be in good health (not suffering from colds, colds, coughs, fever), body temperature not more than 37.3 degrees celsius, must wear a mask, wear long sleeves or jackets, keep a distance, and hand washing routine.

For more information related to train travel in new normal period, public can contact KAI Contact Center by telephone at (021) 121, email cs[at]kai.id, or social media KAI121.

The community considers that by applying strict health protocols to railroad modes, making their trips safer from exposure to Covid-19 compared to other public transportation.

Public interest in train services continues to increase, with KAI serving an average of 23 thousand long-distance and local train customers per day at start of regular train operations, from 12 to 17 June. In July, average customer served had increased 50% to 35 thousand customers per day. Since re-operation of Regular Railway on June 12 to July 6, KAI has served a total of 714,581 customers.

Increasing number of customers is also supported by increasing number of trains operated by KAI. As of July 10, KAI ran 47 long-distance trains and 114 local trains or a total of 161 train trips. This number increased by 40% compared to time when Regular Railway re-operated on June 12, which was 115 trains.

With new enthusiasm of SOEs, KAI adaptively adjusted train services amid Covid-19 pandemic. This shows KAI commitment to continue providing best service to community through railroad transportation modes. (KAI Public Relations)

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