Kagura Dies, Boruto Uses Karma in Episode 246

Episode 187 The First Time Boruto Used Karma
Episode 187 The First Time Boruto Used Karma

Cilacap.info English – (22/04/2022), Boruto rages and releases karma because Kagura died in front of his own eyes because he was killed by Funato’s clan, Funamushi in Episode 246.

Boruto spontaneously releases Karma because his best friend from Kirigakure dies, after releasing his karma Boruto quickly attacks Funamushi.

Even Funamushi didn’t have time to fight Boruto because Boruto’s movements were too fast, then Boruto attacked him with a Rasengan and sent him flying far away.

Kagura who was stabbed in back and front of her chest couldn’t be saved even though Sarada used her medical skills.

But at that time Kagura was still able to speak, and handed over a letter of release for Hebiichigo, Buntan and Kyoho to be given to Chojuro who is Mizukage of village of Kirigakure.

Hebiichigo who accepted it cried and regretted that several times he wanted to kill Kagura because he thought his sentence was only reduced and not released.

In addition Hebiichigo also tried to run away, but Kagura said that in end it didn’t happen, and Hebiichigo also decided to return.

Then Kagura’s last message is asking Boruto to protect his village from Funato clan and Kagura entrusts it to Boruto.

After that Kagura breathed his last with a smile and then he was buried in his village.

Meanwhile Boruto still couldn’t believe Kagura’s departure, he then left while looking up at sky and remembering moment when Boruto and Kagura first met.

Then Sarada, Mitsuki and Kawaki came, they discussed Karma that Boruto had used. They were also worried that Boruto could be controlled by Momoshiki.

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