Results of Boruto Chapter 54 Official Release, Boruto Can Control His Body Back, Naruto Critical

tangkapan layar chapter 54 boruto sadar namun naruto kritis
tangkapan layar chapter 54 boruto sadar namun naruto kritis English – Boruto Chapter 54 English Version has been officially released on Mangaplus website on Wednesday, December 20, 2021 at 22:00 WIB.

In this chapter Sasuke, whose eyes were pierced by kunai by Borushiki, was still able to fight together with Kawaki, even though Sasuke was hit several times by Boruto who was controlled by Momoshiki.

Sasuke and Kawaki try to fight Borushiki to save Boruto. But what becomes a problem if they attack Borushiki will result in Boruto being injured.

That is biggest problem, even though they cannot directly attack Momoshiki, they have brilliant tactics or strategies.

They tried to overload their chakra, both Sasuke and Kawaki. With such a strategy, hope is that it will allow Boruto to relinquish control from Momoshiki.

As for Sasuke and Kawaki simultaneously attack Borushiki using a combination of fire and chakra ninjutsu.

With this combined ninjutsu, Borushiki cannot avoid it and it will absorb chakra energy.

Here is Boruto chance to recover consciousness before Borushiki can teleport.

But Borushiki attacks Kawaki to point where he is helpless. Then Boruto immediately realized that in end Boruto could take control and break horn on his head. After realizing, Boruto apologized to Kawaki and Sasuke.

Thus now Boruto can control his body. But at same time Naruto was seen lying unconscious because he was using Baryon Mode which is his last mode, which is combined strength of Naruto and Kurama against Isshiki.

Where does Baryon Mode work, which is to reduce time of his opponent if his opponent is hit.

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