Boruto Chapter 56 Spoilers, Sumire likes Boruto

boruto help sumire after fight with kawaki
boruto help sumire after fight with kawaki English – After fight against Isshiki, everyone has now returned to Konohagakure, while to recover, Kawaki is treated at Katasuke Laboratory.

Sumire, who was Katasuke assistant, came to Kawaki room alone.

Arriving at room, there was a conversation between Sumire and Kawaki, namely talking about Boruto.

Sumire told Kawaki that in future she would need to be calmer in order to become stronger at least not badly injured, so that she could help others.

Sumire then changed topic of conversation by saying Kawaki closeness to Boruto and spending time together.

He said this because she (Sumire) loved Boruto and was jealous of Kawaki who could be close to Boruto and even lived in Uzumaki Naruto family home after being found by Konohamaru team.

It is known, Sumire feelings began to grow in Boruto, when she rebelled and would destroy Konoha with animal (Nue) to avenge his father.

But Boruto and Mitsuki came and Boruto removed curse seal (Gozu Tenno) behind Sumire back.

Since then, Sumire feelings for Boruto have remained in heart, and it was also strengthened when she said in front of Sarada that she was attracted to Boruto.

Back to Sumire and Kawaki conversation.

Kawaki who listened to Sumire words about Boruto then said whether it was because Sumire liked Boruto.

Sumire made a mistake and dropped syringe with mixed feelings and a racing heart.

Sumire was panicked and embarrassed with a flushed face and told Kawaki not to say that openly.

But by then Doctor Katasuke found out what they were talking about, so Katasuke laughed. Because Sumire behavior was clearly known.

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