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Adsense Blog Copy Paste, Google Will Kick Out Publisher

cilacap info featured
cilacap info featured

Cilacap.info English – Have blog platform Blogger and adsense exist on web, don’t copy paste articles any website. Because google will kick out you and banned adsense, Sooner or later.

Many have been kicked out by Google for copying and pasting articles, but without including source and without permission.

Plagiarism content in addition to being kicked out by Google as a publisher can also have an impact on deindex.

Content plagiarism is of course detected by Google bot either by accidentally copying it manually or via AGC.

Even average AGC player website does not have ads from Google. With exception of UGC which is a Syndication Partner. Only a fool tries to extract dollars from such actions.

Especially if copied content is then pasted on blogger platform blog. Because blogger is Google product just like youtube, which of course Google will detect it.

Youtube as a producer of video content can also quickly detect plagiarism in action. Even that can have effect of disabling adsense.

Blogger Copy Paste as such violates Google guidelines and policies. It also will be difficult to register on other Google products such as Google News.

Readers do not all know anything about it, because they do not know about website. Such actions, to drive visitors to click AdSense ads, is a cheap way.

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