Care for the Citizens, Danramil Maos Cilacap Distribute Free Food

Thursday, 16 Apr 2020 07:58:37 WIBby

CILACAP – Caring about the condition of its citizens amid the outbreak of the Pandemic Covid-19. Danramil 07 / Maos Captain Inf. Joko Yunanto along with elements of Forkopincam Maos, distributed food packages to poor citizens.

The distribution was distributed at the Covid-19 Alert Awareness Task Force Post in Maos District, Wednesday (4/15/20). Grocery packages containing Rice, Oil, Sugar, Soy Sauce and Instant Noodles (Indomie) and Hand Senitizer were distributed to ease the burden on residents.

As well as a form of appreciation for its citizens who always obey government rules. “As a Territorial Unit, it is appropriate for us to give appreciation to the citizens who patiently remain at home. Besides also other residents who are economically affected because of local restrictions that reduce their livelihoods. Hopefully this food package can reduce their burden amid the spread of Covid- 19.” Said Danramil Captain of Inf. Joko

In addition to distributing food packages, the Danramil was also not bored to convey appeals. So that the fostered people care about the current conditions by obeying government regulations.

Like diligently washing hands, clean lifestyle and wearing a mask in all its activities. “We always stress this to the citizens so that they also care about the current conditions so that the hope is that Covid-19 will not spread in this region. With the obedience of all citizens, I believe we can stop the distribution chain of Covid-19.” He said. (* / Urip Pendim)