Boruto Episode 191 and Chapter 56 Sumire Feelings for Kawaki are Not Love

boruto uzumaki x sumire kakei episode 191
boruto uzumaki x sumire kakei episode 191

JAKARTA, English – Fans of Kawasumi and Borusumi this week have their opinion on who will be Boruto future partner, especially after release of manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 56 and Episode 191.

While strongest candidate for Boruto partner is Sumire Kakei and Sarada Uchiha. This is based on flashbacks in Boruto manga in already aired episodes or chapters.

Based on opinion of Borusara fans, that scene of Sarada and Boruto both contains moments of mutual cooperation, giving each other grilled squid, faces flushed from blushing, walking together as a strong grip that they will be canonized and married.

Compared to Borusumi moments, Borusara has quite a few moments. While Borusumi moments are few, but who is more outspoken about love, it was Sumire character who even stated that he was interested in Boruto.

If Sumire said that she was interested in Boruto and liked him, would she also like Kawaki because Sumire himself said that Sumire feelings were same as Kawaki feelings in Episode 191 which aired yesterday?

Even though we know that Episode 191 tells of Boruto journey before fighting Isshiki. So we’re not sure if Sumire likes Kawaki.

Seeing Chapter 56 after successfully thwarting Isshiki Otsutsuki plan who had plans to carve karma in Kawaki body and planned to feed Boruto to Juubi because there was Otsutsuki karma on him (Boruto), Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto and Kawaki then returned to Konoha.

In chapter, it is also implicitly explained when Sumire has a dialogue with Kawaki, that she really likes Boruto.

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