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Could Amado Betray Konoha and Have an Evil Plan?

Boruto and Mitsuki save Amado on episode 225
Boruto and Mitsuki save Amado on episode 225

Cilacap.info English – Once a part of inner kara, will Amado who has been helped by Konoha and even protected, will become evil and betrayal in future?

Let’s look first based on data and facts in anime and manga Boruto, so that theory about Amado is not random!

According to en.cilacap.info after seeing plots in manga and anime, it seems that Amado has no intention of betraying Konoha.

We can see Amado’s statement to Kawaki that he has no evil plans for Konoha.

In addition, giving Naruto medicine for Boruto can also be proof that Amado wants to help Konoha and is indebted.

Meanwhile, Naruto who is a Hokage who is confused about how to overcome karma problems that exist in Boruto can finally be resolved thanks to Amado’s medicine.

In addition, Amado also suggested that drug should not be consumed by people who have Byakugan, such as Hinata and Himari.

In theory, if Amado really intended to betray Amado would not have sent such a message to Naruto.

Then other evidence is that when Konoha was holding a Chnin exam, at that time Amado was kidnapped by people from outside village who wanted to take advantage of him.

But in fact Amado actually refused them even though he would give money in return for assistance related to modern ninja tools/technology.

This means that Amado is not a materialistic person, and what is unique is that in episode that just aired, Amado said that he only worked for Konoha and owed Konoha.

In addition to above, in manga it is also shown that Amado has a plan to make Cyborg an ally who can help Konoha, even though Sumire suspects Amado’s suspicious movements.

But Amado told Sumire that he had told Katasuke about cyborg he was about to create.

That meant Amado didn’t do whatever he wanted, because he had already told Katasuke about it.

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