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How to get rid of acne that is effective

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Cilacap.info English – Acne is not something that is considered normal when someone is a teenager. Although some people say that if a man or woman has acne, it is a sign of liking someone, that is not true.

Acne or Acne is a skin problem caused by excess oil and dust that sticks to face and is not cleaned immediately.

I am one of those who have this problem, there used to be a lot of acne when I was 17 to 19 years old. Of course I feel uncomfortable and not confident when I want to approach opposite sex, and Alhamdulillah now there are no pimples.

What are my tips so that now you don’t get pimples, please see following explanation from me?

1. For Men Avoid Using Hair Oil Based Gel, why? Because this type of hair oil not only looks stylist and becomes stiff to make it look more rock n roll or something.

Hair oil like this if you do activities (do routines) such as (school, work, sports) and sweat, can be felt on face. As forehead becomes sticky and dust flies and sticks, this can be a cause of acne.

2. Regularly and regularly smearing face (face area) with pimples with Papaya sap! Of course, papaya that is still nipples (read: Java) is not ripe. Because there is no more sap when cooked, except for papaya meat.

You do this by inserting a needle into green papaya, then a white sap will come out. Then apply on area of ​​ face with acne, let stand for about 30 minutes or use it when going to sleep, and rinse. Do this continuously every day at least once a day.

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