Producer Gorilla Tobacco from Maos Cilacap Arrested by Police

Banyumas Police arrest 2 suspects selling gorilla tobacco
Banyumas Police arrest 2 suspects selling gorilla tobacco

BANYUMAS, CILACAP.INFO – Banyumas City Police managed to arrest 2 suspected Gorilla tobacco dealers and sellers, on Saturday 01 April 2023.

Two suspects each have the initials LW (23) from Central Sokaraja, Banyumas Regency. The suspect LW acted as a dealer.

Meanwhile, one other suspect is IW (26), a resident from Maos, Cilacap Regency. IW was arrested because he is a home industry scale producer.

During this arrest, the Banyumas Police also secured a number of pieces of evidence in the form of G-list drugs and various types of psychotropic drugs.

Total amount of evidence secured by the police from the hands of the suspect was 134,728 items. Apart from that, the police also confiscated 510 ml of raw material for the chemical liquid used as a mixture to mix synthetic tobacco or Gorilla.

Banyumas Police Chief, Kombes Edy Suranta Sitepu explained that the perpetrators of LW were arrested at a barbershop in the East Purwokerto District area, Banyumas Regency.

Meanwhile, the other perpetrator, IW, was arrested at his home in Maos Lor Village, Maos District, Cilacap Regency.

“The suspect IW is a recidivist who got out of prison in 2017. The perpetrator was arrested at his home in Maos Cilacap, and acted as a home industry producer.” Said the Banyumas Police Chief.

As for the sale of gorilla tobacco, this is done by selling it on social media. “The suspect is selling it on social media,” said the police chief.

Meanwhile the suspect LW ordered and purchased list G drugs and psychotropics from IW which LW then resold.

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