Curug Geulis Tourism in Cipari Cilacap

Sunday, 03 May 2020 13:06:50 WIBby

EN – In Cipari District, which is the western region of Cilacap Regency, Central Java, there is a tourist attraction in the form of a waterfall called Curug Geulis, not only in Bogor.

The meaning of the word “Geulis” if traced is derived from the Sundanese language which means Beautiful. Whereas Curug also comes from Sundanese language which means Waterfall.

However, Cipari is a sub-district where almost all of its citizens speak Javanese, specifically the Javanese dialect of Banyumasan (Panginyongan).

Viewing the Curug Geulis (Beautiful Waterfall) in Cipari Cilacap, how beautiful the waterfall is, surely for the curious traveler.

Curug Geulis is an area that is recommended as a tourist village by the Regency Government (Cilacap Regency Government).

This waterfall has already pocketed the Regent’s Decree with Number: 556/213/18/2012.

Geulis Waterfall Location : Geulis Waterfall is located in Cisuru Village, Cipari District, Cilacap.

While the journey to Cipari, if from the direction of the City of Banjar can go through 2 (two) lines, namely through Langensari – Banjar, Lakbok, Purwadadi – Ciamis through the Manganti Dam.

Then Head to Kedungreja, Sidareja and only Cipari. Or through Banjar Patruman, Dayeuhluhur, Wanareja.

As for travelers from afar, you can rent an inn if you want to go to Cipulis Geulis Curug.

Lodging facilities in the form of houses residents who previously could by contacting the local Pokdarwis.

Why is the Curug Geulis a Tourism Village ?, because there is a waterfall that is not far (close together), one of which is the Bridal Waterfall in Segaralangu.

And there is also a Hot Spring Tourism that is said to cure diseases, and its location is not far from Curug Geulis, about 400 meters.

The reason is not only natural tourism potential in the form of waterfalls that are found in the village of Cisuru Cipari.

There is a rubber plantation and its processing there, so it can be a means to educate or educate children.

In addition, in the village of Cisuru there is also culinary in the form of Emping (melinjo fruit that is used as crackers). There is also a culinary form Tempe Klentang.

The latter just heard it, usually when you hear the name tempe, which is fermented soybeans. As for the tempeh in Banyumas and Cilacap, they are quite familiar, one of which is to be made mendoan (ie tempeh which is cooked using oil, but has a flour mixture).

But this Tempe Klentang is not from soybean friend Traveler, but from the processed rubber seeds, it’s like what it tastes like.

Back again about Curug Geulis, this waterfall has a height of approximately 20 meters and can be reached 2 kilometers from the central district Cipari.