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Some waters in South Java Indonesia are predicted to have high wave potential

cilacap info featured
cilacap info featured

CILACAP.INFO – Climatology and Geophysics Meteorology Agency (BMKG) through Tunggul Wulung meteorological station. That there is a high wave potential of 2.5 – 4.0 meters, until Wednesday 22 July 2020. The affected water areas include Central Java (Central Java). Also West Java (West Java) and DIY (Special Region of Yogyakarta).

This condition, as explained by Prakirawan Tunggul Wulung Meteorological Station. That there is air circulation in Pontianak waters, Wind Patterns in northern part of Indonesia, generally from Northeast to Southeast with a speed of 4-17 knots. Whereas in southern region from East to Southeast with a speed of 6-20 knots.

The highest wind speeds were observed in Southern Waters of Banten, Sumba Waters, Kupang Waters, Rotte Islands, southern waters of South Sulawesi, and Banda Sea. This condition resulted in an increase in high waves around region.

As for forecasts, waters affected by high waves in West Java are in waters of Sukabumi – Cianjur, Garut Pangandaran, South Indian Ocean, West Java. In Central Java, Cilacap Waters, Kebumen – Purworejo, South Indian Ocean, Central Java. And waters of DIY (Special Region of Yogyakarta).

Meanwhile, BMKG continued to explain, that with potential for these high waves. BMKG warned about high risk of shipping safety. BMKG also appealed to pay attention to high risks to safety of voyage.

Fishing Boat (Wind speed of more than 15 knots and wave height above 1.25 meters). Barges (Wind speeds of more than 16 knots and wave height above 1.5 meters).

Ferry (Wind speed more than 21 knots and wave height above 2.5 meters). Large Sizes such as Cargo Ships / Cruise Ships (Wind speeds of more than 12 knots and wave heights above 4.0 meters).

“Requested to people who live and move on coast around areas that have opportunity to occur high waves to remain vigilant.” Specifically in Cilacap, today Monday (07/21/2020) afternoon.

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