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Curug Geulis Tourism in Cipari Cilacap

cilacap info featured
cilacap info featured

The reason is not only natural tourism potential in form of waterfalls that are found in village of Cisuru Cipari.

There is a rubber plantation and its processing there, so it can be a means to educate or educate children.

In addition, in village of Cisuru there is also culinary in form of Emping (melinjo fruit that is used as crackers). There is also a culinary form Tempe Klentang.

The latter just heard it, usually when you hear name tempe, which is fermented soybeans. As for tempeh in Banyumas and Cilacap, they are quite familiar, one of which is to be made mendoan (ie tempeh which is cooked using oil, but has a flour mixture).

But this Tempe Klentang is not from soybean friend Traveler, but from processed rubber seeds, it like what it tastes like.

Back again about Curug Geulis, this waterfall has a height of approximately 20 meters and can be reached 2 kilometers from central district Cipari.

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