Garuda Select Performs Brilliantly at Loughborough University Stadium

Garuda Select
Garuda Select

LONDON, English – The Garuda Select squad performed brilliantly when recording a dramatic 5-3 victory over their opponent, Huddersfield Town U-18 on Tuesday (27/4/2021). Director of Football Dennis Wise, considers that this is proof of increased ability and cohesiveness of players.

The match which took place at Loughborough University Stadium was tight. M. Faiz Maulana appeared trengginas by scoring four goals at once, while other goal was scored by Rafli Asrul. In fact, previously they even fell behind twice, but players did not give up and were always able to reverse their position.

“I am very satisfied with work ethic of players, they understand what coaching team wants. The way we press makes opponent unable to move freely. The players understand their respective duties and we won ball in ideal place so that it ended with a goal,” explained Dennis.

“There is a clear improvement in sight. The players understand more and more about what they have to do on field. The way they press and defend as a group, keep their position, is all very satisfying. And you can see that these players have started to compact as a team, “he added.

Even so, Dennis still has a record, mainly related to a simple mistake that resulted in an opponent goal.

“Sometimes there are still mistakes that occur and players must be aware of everything. I’m still disappointed with way we conceded goal because we gave goal to opponent. If we are able to stop that, then we will win more comfortably. They are young players. They will learn,” he explained.

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