Pine Forest Tourism in Wanareja Cilacap

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cilacap info featured English – Gunung Geulis Youth Association (IPPGG) Saripudin said that his party was planning to work on a tourist destination.

But amid covid-19 pandemic situation, plan will continue if situation has been declared safe.

Meanwhile, Saripudin said, in development of tourism, it will cooperate with Perhutani and LMDH (Forest Village Community Institutions) Forestry.

Saripudin assessed potential of tourism such as Pine Forest on Mount Geulis, Tambaksari Village, District of Cilacap Wanareja could be an attraction.

He also assessed location of pine forest related to women, place was not in Palugon but exact location as explained. Namely at Mount Geulis, Tambaksari Village, Wanareja District. who received a shipment said that in Palugon there was a pine forest tourist destination and was asked to publish it and then obediently.

It turned out that location after being confirmed was in Mount Geulis, Tambaksari Village, Wanareja District.

Found on insagram, facebook, youtube it turns out there are many who incorrectly mention location of pine forest.

Saripudin said correctness of location would make it easier for tourists to get to location. And misinformation related to location can cause tourists who visit also incorrectly mentioned location.

“This pine forest is not in Palugon but in Gunung Geulis Hamlet, Tambaksari Village.” Saripudin said as received by

Saripudin said that there would be a schedule for UMKM meetings and also witnessed by Head of Wanareja District. “God willing, on April 22, if we do, we will hold a meeting of MSMEs and along with Head of Wanareja Sub-District. However, information related to this matter is uncertain, because of Corona Virus Outbreak.” He explained.

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