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Bad Blogger, Can Only Copy Paste for Money

cilacap info featured
cilacap info featured

Cilacap.info English – Making money on internet through copy paste blogs, is a bad blogger action. Especially if plagiarist says that he is a blogger. Of course it silly, don’t even know template editing or breadcrumbs or Structured Markup.

Site or Web distribution content for country (hreflang) Do not even know, How can he be called a blogger. This articles no rasis, because only education, because I care about bloggers.

For a blogger, making money does not only go through website. Because there are various ways to make money from internet besides being an adsense ad publisher.

Money from internet by bloggers can be obtained through services if he really knows. Installing CMS Script on Hosting or Cpanel, this is also income that can be obtained.

Relying on money from adsense especially by not appreciating work of others, who will say he is a blogger, who ?. Plagiarist will even be labeled.

If a blogger relies on adsense as income, then don’t copy paste, if want, copy and pasting, don’t forget add value link juice. Bloggers must know reputation on their website, and if indeed website aims for long term.

If website is noindex and made again, then noindex is made again, besides having no direction, of course time will be wasted just to find coins in an instant from copy paste.

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