Head of Ministry of Agriculture BKP: Public Information Openness Strengthen Food Security

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JAKARTA, CILACAP.INFO – In current era of global and digitalization, public information disclosure is very important and unavoidable. For this reason, Ministry of Agriculture Food Security Agency (BKP) is committed to providing best service to public information applicants.

As stated by Head of BKP in webinar “Public Information Openness in New Normal Era, Innovation and Strategy” in Jakarta, Friday (July 17, 2020).

This event is not only as an effort to increase in providing public information services in accordance with mandate of Law No. 14 of 2008 on Public Information Openness, but also as a form of implementation of public information services when co-19 pandemic demands innovation, so that information applicants can be served with well.

In BKP, for example, public service registration of Fresh Food of Plant Origins in Central and Regional, which was previously mostly offline, since covid-19 pandemic continues to be served online.

Associated with destruction of Enoki mushroom from South Korea in June 2020, BKP also made a quick response in providing public information, so that community gets complete information, feels calm and safe.

According to Agung, services provided are a commitment in public information disclosure, which has become part of spirit of BKP activities.

“I have already warned and obliged that, every activity carried out, it must be immediately published, so that public does not ask questions and seek information, because everything is available.” Said Agung.

Agung explained, that through public information disclosure, public would know what activities were carried out, so that in end they could know, follow and support what was done.

L”The existence of community support and participation is very important to strengthen national food security which we continue to do.” Explained Agung.

Meanwhile, Cecep Suryadi from Public Information Commission said that during corona virus pandemic issue of food security was of public concern, therefore full and clear information had to be given to public.

According to Cecep, if in past all information was closed, there was a rejection due to state secrets for a permanent period of time, since existence of FOI Law all information was open, except information that was excluded.

“So, this public information service is very important and must be managed by Public Agency as well as possible.” Said Cecep.

The Head of Public Relations and Public Information Bureau, Kuntoro Boga Andri as Main Information and Documentation Management Officer (PPID) of Ministry of Agriculture expressed his appreciation of public information services provided, especially since commitment had been signed by all officials at BKP.

“In covid 19 pandemic era, issue of food security is attracting public attention, so information services need to be managed as well as possible, so that people can understand an issue completely and clearly.” Kuntoro said.

In this webinar Head of Department of Food Security Jambi Amir Hasbi said. His institution continued to be committed to providing public information to public.

“All activities we do, we always publish so that people know what we are doing.” He said.

The same thing was also said by Head of Gorontalo Province Food Security Service Sutrisno.

“The publication of food security is currently being intensively carried out by us, so that public knows what we are doing.” Sutrisno said.

The webinar program began with signing of a commitment to public information disclosure by all officials at BKP.

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