Sandy Walsh and Jordi Amat Can’t Wait to Defend Indonesian National Team

Indonesian descent players Sandy Walsh and Jordi Amat
Indonesian descent players Sandy Walsh and Jordi Amat

JAKARTA , English – The naturalization process of two players, namely Sandy Walsh (Belgium) and Jordi Amat Maas (Spain/Netherlands) is increasingly showing a bright spot.

Both have signed documents needed to take care of administration at Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

“All players we met in Belgium and Netherlands were very welcome both personally and as a family. They are very enthusiastic to immediately defend Indonesian national team,” said PSSI General Chair Mochamad Iriawan when receiving PSSI Exco Hasani Abdulgani and Hamdan Hamedan (PSSI special envoy) at PSSI office, this afternoon.

Hasani and Hamdan were indeed sent by General Chairperson of PSSI to go to Netherlands and Belgium to meet their families and players, including taking care of all administration related to naturalization process.

In a report to General Chairperson of PSSI, Hasani and Hamdan explained that two players were very enthusiastic to soon become Indonesian citizens (WNI). Not only that, their families were also moved to receive these two PSSI envoys.

“Even Jordi’s grandmother is crying. So indeed eastern style requested by PSSI General Chair for kulonuwun (excuse me) to family is very appropriate.

They thank us (PSSI) for coming here (Belgium and Holland) to meet Jordi and Sandy’s families,” Hasani added.

Hamdan added that there were actually many players of Indonesian descent who played in Dutch, Belgian, and some English clubs. On average they are young (18-20 years old) and are starters where they play.

“Of course this can be a subject of discussion between PSSI, Technical Director, and Shin Tae-yong. I will give data about this player to PSSI. Then it’s up to PSSI,” said Hamdan.

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