Savory Brekecek, Culinary from Cilacap Indonesia

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cilacap info featured English – Get to know processed or culinary foods made from advertisements from Cilacap called Brekecek.

Although Brekecek is an authentic culinary from Cilacap, there are also people in Cilacap who don’t know it yet. We got this from information from citizens we asked about. There are also those who often cook but don’t know name.

It could be that this famous culinary is not often found in restaurants like in West Cilacap area for example. This is because in areas such as West Cilacap, geographical location is far from sea.

Judging from its preparation, brekecek is almost similar to balado red chili or rica fish, but brekecek has a savory broth.

The spicy taste is produced from cayenne pepper, sweet from sugar and also sour from tomatoes, making sweet and sour taste spicy and broth that tempt appetite to quickly eat it.

Various processed brekecek also vary, some from mackerel fish, mackerel fish and some are only processed fish head.

For traveler friends, don’t forget if you visit Cilacap to taste this famous Cilacap culinary.

Various types of fish that are usually made into brekecek are mackerel, screen, cangkek and layur. But others can also be tried.

Recipe for Making Chuck

Here are ingredients for making Brekecek that we quoted from Cookpad, owner of Rose Shanty account:

Ingredients needed: 4 mackerel | 1 btg lemongrass in geprek | 1 lbr bay leaf | 1 segment of galangal iris | 1 tomato, cut. | to taste basil | to taste salt, sugar, broth powder if you like.

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