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Kawaki is Not Suitable to Marry Sumire Kakei

Kawaki Brutal to Girls
Kawaki Brutal to Girls

JAKARTA, Cilacap.info English – If last war between Boruto vs Kawaki ends and Kawaki is still alive, a figure like Kawaki who sometimes behaves rudely seems inappropriate to be juxtaposed with a figure like Sumire Kakei let alone marry him.

It is known, although in manga at opening of January 2021 that Kawaki was seen with Naruto on a red background, and Boruto with Sasuke on a blue background, then Kawaki was likened to Naruto and then juxtaposed with a figure like Hinata, namely Sumire.

Naruto Uzumaki does have something in common with Kawaki, where he lived since childhood without parents. But Naruto is not a runaway ninja who rebelled and destroyed village of Konoha.

Naruto is son of fourth Hokage and is fostered by Hiruzen Sarutobi who is also fifth Hokage.

Regarding feelings, Naruto is not very sensitive to women feelings and is even too innocent about love, this can be seen many times in Naruto manga when Hinata shows behavior ranging from shyness, flushed face, etc., even though it clearly shows that Hinata very much in love with Naruto. .

Naruto has never been rude to women like Kawaki who was rude and even deliberately kicked a woman who even wanted to help him while being treated.

Kawaki may also have same background as Sumire because their father educated them very hard.

Kawaki father was a drunk who sometimes beat Kawaki while Sumire father had evil intentions by sealing Sumire just for revenge.

Even so, Sumire was opposite of Kawaki who had desire to save many people by joining with Katasuke.

Indeed, Sumire while still at academy had rebelled, but that did not destroy Konoha and Sumire managed to return to right path after incident.

Not only that, when Sumire tried to rebel in Konoha, Boruto found out through Jougan eyes that at that time he was being possessed by an evil spirit.

Meanwhile, Boruto is a complete Hokage with both parents who are still alive, while Sumire lives independently so that Sumire is quick to act like an adult, so Sumire is suitable if she is matched with Boruto in future.

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