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Increasing 2 people, Positive Covid-19 in Cilacap to 4 people

cilacap info featured
cilacap info featured

CILACAP – Pandemic Corona in Cilacap district has 4 people currently reported from previously reported 2 people. Patients in Oversight (PDP) who reported positive were residents of Majenang and Adipala Sub-Districts.

This was said by Regent of Cilacap Regency, Haji Tatto Suwarto Pamuji via video broadcast on Sunday, March 5, 2020 yesterday. Based on information from Cilacap regent, patients who were stated positive were over 60 years old. Both continued regents, have a history or a history of travel from bandung west Java (jabar).

With that he appealed for citizens who are outside city not to go home. This is to prevent transmission of viruses that are brought from outside city. However, there were additional reports that were stated as positive and increased by 2 people and made a total of four. He asked public not to panic, but remain vigilant.

“People are asked not to panic, but stay alert, always use a mask as a protector and always apply a clean and healthy lifestyle. Namely by always washing hands with soap and hand sanitizer.” The appeal.

Meanwhile, from ranks of security forces in this case are from Police Traffic Unit Cilacap. He said he audited community through his social media timetable by urging public not to go home using language of ngapak.

This is in view of number of homecomers ahead of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, in cilacap there was a surge in travelers. Recorded there have been travelers who come from various cities to Cilacap, already around 15 thousand people.

Previously, those travelers who had gone back and forth to cilacap were also encouraged by regent to report them to nearest RT / RW, Village and Puskesmas. The Regent said that homecomers will become ODP (Insider Oversight), they must obey rules with 14 days of isolation. But if not or stubborn, then police will act. (Huda)

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