The parody of song Indonesia Raya was criticized by Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta

statement from the malaysian embassy in jakarta
statement from the malaysian embassy in jakarta

JAKARTA, CILACAP.INFO – The Indonesian National Anthem has been used as a parody by people claiming to come from Malaysia, Malaysian Embassy has also criticized and condemned this form of harassment.

Quoted from official page of Malaysian Embassy on Facebook, his party announced through a press release (Press STATEMENT) in English:

The Embassy of Malaysia in Jakarta has taken note of a video that has insulted Indonesia, which has been claimed to have been uploaded from Malaysia.

The Embassy would like to emphasize that Malaysian authorities are investigating matter.

If it is found that video was uploaded by a Malaysian citizen, strict action will be taken based on existing laws.

The Government of Malaysia strongly condemns any negative provocations that are intended to affect close bilateral relations between Malaysia and Indonesia.

Jakarta December 27, 2020

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