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SAR Team, Find Fishermen from Kebumen lost at Jetis Nusawungu Beach

cilacap info featured
cilacap info featured

CILACAP.INFO – After searching for two days, SAR Joint Team finally succeeded in finding missing fisherman. But already in a state of death.

Earlier on Saturday, July 11, 2020, it was reported that there were fishermen drowning in Jetis Beach. Area location in Nusawungu District, Cilacap Regency, Central Java.

Head of Cilacap Search and Relief Office, I Nyoman Sidakarya Said. The first time victim was found on Sunday (7/12/2020) at 20.25 West Indonesia Time by one member of SAR Joint who happened to be sweeping scene , floating position of victim and immediately evacuated to funeral home.

“Previously it was reported on Monday (11/7) at 20.30 West Indonesian Time victims began to go back to sea, but pesky ship they were traveling in was hit by waves 1 (one) managed to escape on behalf of Pasimin and 1 (one) person on behalf of Yasikin was still in search.” Nyoman Said.

The victim named Pasimin (58) Kalipoh Village Address RT 07 RW 02 Kebat Regency Kebumen Regency and Victim lost Yasikin (30) Address Srati Village RT 03 RW 03 Kebumen District.

Searching on second day we swept beach using a dirt bike from scene to west 2 Kilometers to Cemara Sewu and East 2 Kilometers to Logending Beach, while our sea search used Nautical Jati Kati Boat as far as 3 miles to East and West and monitoring around place incident.

The second day search barriers are high waves and large search areas. “After an official victim was found for Operation SAR, we were closed and all our elements were returned to their respective units.” Nyoman said.

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