SAR Team Finds Drowned Victims in Cijolang Ciamis River

cilacap info featured
cilacap info featured

CIAMIS, CILACAP.INFO – Joint officers found body of Nono Sutrisno (28), victim drowned in Cijolang River, Ciamis Regency, West Java, Thursday.

Head of Search and Relief Office or Bandung National SAR Agency, Deden Ridwansah confirmed, his ranks along with other officers managed to find victims who were previously reported to have drowned in Cijolang River, Wednesday (5/20).

He said, residents of Karangpaningal Village, Tambaksari District, Ciamis Regency were drowned after slipping while crossing river until they were finally carried away by current.

Officials along with local residents tried to find victims by going along river, but victims were not found in search process first day.

The next day combined SAR team conducted a search by dividing two teams to down river until finally victim was found about 4 km from initial location of victim drowned.

“The victim was found around Cijolang River in Bangungharja Village, Cisaga District, Ciamis about 4 km from scene ,” Deden said.

He conveyed, victims were immediately evacuated and then handed over to victims’ families. (Antara)

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