Since existence of Covid-19 Pandemic, Lobster prices in Cilacap have decreased

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cilacap info featured

CILACAP.INFO – Lobster, a type of shrimp that has Latin name Nephropidae if it has entered restaurant, will be a special and luxurious food.

In Cilacap itself, price of Lobster per head is 200 thousand rupiahs with a weight of 200 grams, while for those who are rather small, namely 100 grams, price ranges from 120 thousand rupiahs.

According to Secretary of All Indonesian Fishermen Association (HNSI) Cilacap, Teuku Iskandar, such prices are cheap. This phenomenon has occurred since Global Coronavirus Pandemic hit country, so that fisheries sector was affected.

Apart from that, Lobster which is usually exported abroad, now number of exports is reduced. Not only that, even other types of advertisements have also decreased, including type of jerbung shrimp.

He added, while Lobster exported abroad is a Lobster that is still alive rather than a dead one.

Separately, Head of Fish Auction Place (TPI) Pandanarang, Tarmuji said, that August to October are days of fish harvest. However, price is down.

“Since last 4 months price of various types of fish has declined due to a pandemic. For Lobster, demand from abroad has also declined. Therefore, now most fish produced by fishermen only target local experts.” He said, launch, Friday (07/17/2020).

He continued, for Bawal Putih did not experience a decrease in demand, but price dropped compared to before pandemic.

“The price of 200 grams of Bawal Putih costs 130 thousand rupiahs, while 300 grams 160 thousand and 400 grams 180 thousand.” If size is more than half a kilo, price can be more than 200 thousand.” He said.

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