Weather on Sunday in Kebumen, 20 July 2020

illustrations weather by pixabay
illustrations weather by pixabay

KEBUMEN, English – Weather forecast information for Kebumen region, today, Monday (07/20/2020). Want to know about info, but beforehand let us first get to know this district.

Kebumen is a regency located in Central Java Province and has nickname Santri City in addition to Kebumen Beriman because many have pesantren and have a history.

Religious Tourism, Tomb of Weak Shaykh Lanang at Sumberadi Somalangu Kebumen or tomb of Shaykh Kahfi Awwal. Al Kahfi Somalangu is oldest boarding school in Indonesia built by a Sayyid (Descendent of Prophet Muhammad SAW). In Somalangu it is also center of Thoriqoh Al Mu’tabaroh school which is same as Habib Lutfi Pekalongan named Thoriqoh Asy Syadziliyah.

For Kebumen region, in east it is bordered by Purworejo Regency and Wonosobo Regency. In north it is bordered by Banjarnegara Regency. Whereas in south it borders Indian Ocean and in west it borders Banyumas Regency and Cilacap Regency.

Kebumen has a number of amazing tourism potentials, in this district there are Petruk Cave, Jatijajar Cave, Ayah Beach, Karang Bolong Beach, Petanahan Beach, Suwuk Beach, Menganti Beach, Van Der Wijk Fortress, Sempor Multipurpose Reservoir.

Kebumen District Has 26 Districts of which are

Adimulyo, Alian, Ambal, Ayah, Bonoworo, Buayan, Buluspesantren, Gombong, Karanganyar, Karanggayam,

Karangsambung, Kebumen, Klirong, Kutowinangun, Kuwarasan, Mirit, Padureso, Pejagoan, Petanahan,

Poncowarno, Prembun, Puring, Rowokele, Sadang, Sempor, Sruweng

For weather information, based on trusted source page, namely BMKG (Climatology and Geophysics Meteorological Agency) for Region in Kebumen Regency, as follows:

1. At 04:00 WIB cloudy weather with temperatures reaching 23 ° C with 80% humidity and wind speeds generally blowing 10 km / h from Southeast.

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