Temperature in Dieng Banjarnegara 1 Degree Celsius, Makes Many Tourists Visit

ilustrasi suhu di Dieng Banjarnegara
ilustrasi suhu di Dieng Banjarnegara

BANJARNEGARA, CILACAP.INFO – The air temperature in Arjuna Temple complex or area, Dieng, Central Java, Indonesia seems to have dropped to minus 1 degree Celsius.

Therefore make dew freeze in this morning. So what should be prepared by tourists who want to visit when Dieng is super cold?

The following is explanation of Head of Technical Service Unit (UPT) of Dieng Sri Utami Tourism Management.

“Dieng is one of destinations that attracts tourists to visit because of presence of ice like this. Tourists come because they are interested in seeing this rare phenomenon. However, this unique phenomenon usually occurs in dry season and in morning.” Sri Utami said.

However, tourists who want to visit Dieng are encouraged to better prepare themselves before going on vacation to Dieng plateau.

Because during dry season, air temperature in Dieng plateau is cooler than previous season.

Utami also mentioned what equipment is needed and must be prepared by tourists, including:

Thick Jackets, Gloves, to Masks, and make sure to bring food and drinks that can warm body.

“Thick jackets, beanie, gloves, and masks, as well as food and drinks that can warm our bodies must be prepared, because weather there is really cold,” said utami.

As previously reported, natural phenomenon that shows frost in Dieng plateau again occurred this morning.

Where this phenomenon shows frozen dew sticking to leaves and grass around Arjuna Temple.

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