Visiting Headquarters Banser NU, Kebumen Police Chief Distributes Tens of Rice Packages

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cilacap info featured

KEBUMEN, CILACAP.INFO – The Kebumen Police show a form of social concern for Banser in midst of a corona virus pandemic. Namely by distributing aid in form of dozens of rice packages at Banser Headquarters in Kebumen Regency, Tuesday (07/07/2020).

The social service was led directly by Head of Kebumen Police AKBP Rudy Cahya Kurniawan and accompanied by Kebumen Police Station.

The police chief said that activity was a form of concern and also Kebumen Resor and Banser event in Kebumen Regency area.

“The manifestation of this concern that we do is none other than social care of Kebumen Police Station to Banser, we also hope that Banser always synergizes to always take part in maintaining conduciveness in Kebumen Regency,” said Chief of Police.

“Besides this meeting is also a meeting between Kebumen Police and Banser in Kebumen Regency area,” he added.

On that occasion leader of Kebumen Banser Bpk. Eko was also present and welcomed group from Kebumen Police.

“All of us from Kebumen District Banser would like to thank you for assistance given, I as chairman also conveyed. If police in Kebumen need assistance regarding security in any case. We, along with other banser members, are always ready to help.” Said Eko, Head of Banser Kebumen District.

The synergy between Kebumen Police and Kebumen Regency Banser is very harmonious and is expected to continue to work together and help each other in future. (*)

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